Orange crop Cultivation 2


Orange crop Cultivation 2 
Orchard Layout and Plantation


Orchard Layout and Plantation Orange crop

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Layout preparation and pit making (1 x 1 m and 1 m deep) should be done in summer. Generally, a square system layout for planting is preferred.

Pits should be filled with FYM and topsoil (1:1 ratio). About 2 kg single superphosphate to provide phosphorus to growing plants and insecticide powder (100 grams) against white ants shall be added to the soil while filling pits just before the monsoon. Pits are marked with bamboo pegs.

Planting is done when the climate has cooled down in August-September. Care should be taken while planting and the joint of the scion and rootstock should be 9- 10 inches above the soil. Remove the plastic bag and planting should be done along with the soil ball without disturbing roots.

Generally, spacing of 6x6m or 5x5 m is recommended for planting in the square system which provides a plant density of 277 and 400 plants per ha, respectively.

Orange crop


Nowadays there is a trend of high-density planting and Nagpur mandarin and Kinnow growers are preferring 6x3m (row to row 6m and plant to plant 3m) spacing accommodating 555 plants per ha that doubles the plant density and consequent yield. Some growers have already started high-density planting.

The higher yields are due to restriction in root growth that restricts vegetative growth and increases flowering and fruiting. Close spacing requires higher initial costs, regular pruning, and additional plant protection.

But close spacing also gives higher returns in the initial years. Earlier research has shown that up to the age of 15 years, high-density plantation gives good returns and studies show that after 12-15 years, the benefit: cost ratio starts to decline due to overgrowth of trees and increased costs.

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