Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 9

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 9
Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 9


Orange (Malta)  fruit Crop Ambia Bahar 9

Orange (Malta) September month

To check the fruit dropping in Orange (Malta) Ambia Bahar a spray of Carbendazim 100 gm and GA³ or 2,4-D or Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) 1.5 gm in 100 liters of water.

• Undertake necessary tillage operations if there are no rains. Remove the weeds from the tree basin and prepare a double ring around the tree for Irrigation. Care should be taken to see that the first ring is made one meter away from the trunk and the second ring two meters away from the trunk.

In the case of drip irrigation system spread the laterals and gives irrigation as per requirement.

• In Nagpur mandarin and sweet Orange (Malta) one-year-old tree should be given 8 liters water per tree/day. 5 years old tree should be given 45 liters, 8 years tree 87 liters and 10 years and the above three should be given 108 liters/day/tree. The acid lime (lemon) tree should be given half the dose.

• Due to high humidity the problem of citrus canker gets aggravated in acid lime leading to excessive Malta fruit drop. Spray copper oxychloride 180 gms with streptomycin 6 gms in 60 liters of water to control canker.

• During this month there is the attack of fruit-sucking moth. To control the pest, spray neem oil @ 10 ml/liter water and destroy all the fallen fruits by burying them in the pit. Poison baiting with 10 ml malathion mixed with 100 g jaggery and 100 ml mandarin juice in 900 ml water (two-portion bottles per 25 trees).

Follow clean cultivation and uproot all weeds in the orchard. Burn moist leaves of neem mixed with a cow during and place the same in different locations to fumigate the citrus orchard. This practice will help to keep away the month from entering into the orchard.

• To control fruit fly use a male attracting trap containing methyl eugenol @ 20 traps/ hectare from 60 days before fruit harvest and change the lure every 30 days.

• Follow clean cultivation in orchards and bury fallen fruits in a deep pit every day.

• To increase the size of the Ambia crop (June-July) fruits, spray 1.5 kg Monopotassium phosphate/ urea/Potassium nitrate/Diammonium phosphate along with Gibberellic Acid (GA³) 1.5 g in 100 liters of water.

• To check citrus mites and later on the occurrence of ‘Lalya’ disorder spray dicofol 2 ml or wettable sulfur 3 g or propagate 1 ml or ethion 2 ml per lit. of water in the last week of this month.

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