Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 10

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 10

Orange (Malta) fruit crop

• Spread laterals for drip irrigation and irrigate the orchard having both Ambia bahar and Mrig bahar crop. If there is no drip irrigation system then irrigate through double ring irrigation method.

• In Nagpur mandarin and sweet orange, Orange (Malta)orchards give 9 litres of water per day/ tree for one year old tree; for 4 years old tree give 40 litres water/day/tree; for 8 years old trees give 105 litres of water/day/tree while for 10 years and above trees give 13 litres of water/day/tree.

• The water requirement for acid-lime (lemon) is comparatively less. For one year old lemon tree give 6 litres water/day/tree; for 4 years old tree give 19 litres of water/day/tree; for 8 years old tree give 57 litres water/day/tree while for 10 years and above tree give 92 litres water/day/tree.

• Sowing of seeds of rootstocks of Jamberi/Rangpur lime may be done in plastic trays.

• Manage fruit sucking moth by preparing a poison bait containing 10 ml malathion, and 100 ml orange juice mixed with 100 g gur (jaggery) in 900 ml of water. Fill it in a broad mouth bottle and hang two bottles per 25 trees all over the orchard.

• Create smoke in orchard with grass (wet), cow dung cakes and neem leaves in the late evening hours i.e. 7.00 to 8.00 pm during this month to repel the fruit sucking moth.

• To manage fruit fly, install (methyl eugenol traps) @ 20 traps per hectare from 60 days before fruit harvest and change the lure after every 30 days.

• Follow clean cultivation in orchard and bury fallen fruit in a pit and cover it with soil every day.

• In case of incidence of citrus mite spray dicofol @ 2 ml or ethion 2 ml or propargite 1 ml or wettable sulphur 3 g per litre of water at 15 days interval on mrig crop. (Do not repeat the same miticide as far as possible).

• Apply post monsoon bordeaux paste on the tree trunk. To prepare good quality Bordeaux paste soak 1 kg copper sulphate in 5litres water and 1 kg lime in 5 litres water separately in a plastic bucket overnight. Mix both of these mixtures in third plastic bucket and stir well before application on tree trunk. Apply within 12 hours of preparation to avoid deterioration.

• For Phytophthora infected trees, spray and soil drench with mefenoxam MZ 68 @ 2.5 gm / litre or fosetyl Al @ 2.5 gm per litre covering the tree conopy.

• Weeding and harrowing operation should be done in the orchard. Prepare double ring system for irrigation.

• Spray carbendazim @ 1gm per litre at 15 days interval for Ambia crop. Spray 2,4-D @ 1.5 g + urea 1% followed by gibberellic acid 1.5 gms after 15 days for control of pre-harvest fruit drop in Ambia crop.

• For increasing fruit size in Mrig crop follow alternate foliar spray application of 2, 4-D or gibberellic acid @ 1 g in combination with either monopotassium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, potassium nitrate @ 2% at 15-20 days interval depending on the crop load.

Harvesting of matured santra fruit should be started.

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 10
Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 10

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