Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 11

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar
Orange crop

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 11

• During this month on Mrig Bahar (June flowering) Nagpur mandarin & Sweet orange (Malta) trees should be given water by drip irrigation or double ring method, For one-year-old tree give ten liters/day/tree; for four yrs tree give forty-five liters/day/tree; for nine years old tree give eighty-five liters/day/tree and ten to twenty-five years tree give one hundred ten liters/day/tree.

• In acid lime for one year plant give four-liter/day/tree and for ten years and above tree give ninety liters/day/tree.
• Harvest the fruits of Ambia bahar. If the delay is anticipated in the harvesting of Ambia fruits two sprays of gibberellic acid 15 ppm + urea 1% may be carried at fifteen days interval.

• Uproot and destroy all weeds.

• Loosen the soil in the tree basin.

• Apply 108 gms urea and 45 gms muriate of potash per tree to a one-year-old tree. For two-year-old trees apply to double the dose, three times for three years, and four times for four-year-old trees and above. Every care should be taken to keep the soil moist during fertilizer application in order to save the loss of fertilizer inputs.

• For bearing orchard application of 500 gm urea, 600 gm single super phosphate, 150 gm muriate of potash, 100 gm each of ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate, zinc sulfate, and 50 gm of borax per tree should be given within the perimeter of trees.

• For taking Ambia bahar give stress to the trees by discontinuing irrigation.

• After harvesting fruits, prune dead wood and water shoots followed by a spray of fungicide, carbendazim @ 1 g/litre water.

• In case of aphids attack spray dimethoate 1.5 ml or imidacloprid 0.5 ml per liter of water. The second application should be done with any one of the insecticides not applied earlier at 15 days intervals.

• In case of incidence of citrus mite, spray dicofol @ 2 ml or propargite @ 1ml or ethion @ 2ml or wettable sulfur @ 3 g per liter of water. After 15 days second application should be given with either of the two above miticides.

• Apply Bordeaux paste on tree trunk if not applied earlier. To make good Bordeaux paste soaks one kg copper sulfate in five-liter water in a plastic bucket one kg lime in five liters of water separately overnight. In the morning mix copper sulfate and lime in another bucket and stir well. Apply within 12hrs. of mixing; Do not use next day.

• For Phytophthora/gummosis disease control scrap out the oozing portion with a sharp knife and apply mefenoxam MZ or falsely Al paste.

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