Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 8

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 8
Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 8


 Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar  8

 August month Orange (Malta)


 Avoid water stagnation near the tree trunk. Orange (Malta) Stagnated water should be drained off through the drain, already prepared. Rainwater harvesting ponds should be dug at the Orange (Malta) low land of the orchard to collect rainwater. To reduce seepage losses spreading of the plastic sheets at the base of the pond may be undertaken. In case of heavy rains, surface open drains should be dug out in the lowlands of citrus orchards.

    Clean the drains at frequent intervals.

    Remove water shoots from the trees.

    Keep the orchard free from weeds.

  Apply 108g Urea or 250 gms Ammonium sulfate, 157g single superphosphate and in addition along with fertilizer apply 25g Zinc sulfate, 25g Ferrous sulfate, and 25 g Manganese sulfate for the one-year-old tree. Apply twice the quantity for the two-year tree, three times for a three-year tree, and four times for four years and above trees. Fertilizer should be applied to the tree in moist soil conditions. Adequate FYM should be applied in the soil.

  During this month there is the rapid spread of citrus canker in Acid lime hence the affected leaves and branches should be pruned and burnt. Spray Copper Oxychloride 180 gms with Streptocycline 6 gms in 60 liters of water.

   During this month there is the likelihood of an attack of Phytophthora fungus on the fruit causing brown rot of maturing ambia fruits. To control this two sprays of Mefenoxam MZ 68 (Mefenoxam 4 + Mancozeb 64) 2.5 gm + Carbendazim 1 g may be sprayed at 30 days interval.

   During this month's citrus leaf-eating, the caterpillar is active. The caterpillar of the pest is a voracious feeder causing severe defoliation of the plants. Initially, the caterpillar is brownish-black but later it becomes green and robust. The pest can be effectively controlled by foliar spray of fenvalerate 2 ml or cypermethrin 1 ml or fenitrothion 2 ml in one-liter water.

   To check fruit drop of Ambia bahar spray the citrus tree with 1.5 gm 2, 4-D or Gibberellic Acid (GA) with 100 gms Carbendazim and 1 kg Urea mixed in 100 liters of water.

    At the end of the month, there is an attack of fruit-sucking moth on the Orange crop fruits. To control the pest foliar application with neem oil @ 10 ml/l coincidings with the color breaking stage of fruits and destroy all the fallen fruits by burying in the pit. Poison baiting with 10 ml malathion mixed with 100 g jaggery and 100 ml mandarin juice in 900 ml water (two-portion bottles per 25 trees). Burn moist leaves of neem mixed with cow dung cake and place the same in different locations to fumigate the citrus orchard. This practice will help to keep away from entering into the orchard.

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