Orange malta fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 7


Orange malta fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 7
Orange malta fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 7


 Orange malta fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar  7

 July month Orange malta


   Start planting Orange (Malta) citrus plants in the filled pits by keeping the bud joint portion 20 to 25 cm above the ground level. Before planting in pits the naked bud graft roots should be dipped in a solution of 2.5 gms i.e. mefenoxam MZ-68 and 1 gm i.e. carbendazim in one-liter water for 10-15 minutes.

    Avoid water stagnation near the tree trunk. Drain out excess rainwater from the orchard through the drainage channels prepared earlier.

    Remove water shoots from the plant and all shoots below the bud union of the graft. Intercrops such as urad, moong, soybean, groundnut, etc. can be grown in between the interspaces of the plants. For green manuring sow seeds of dhaincha or sun hemp @ 40 kg per hectare.

  To check fruit drop of Ambia bahar spray the citrus tree with 1.5g 2, 4-D or gibberellic acid with 100 gm carbendazim and 1 kg urea mixed in 100 liters of water.

  For the Ambia bahar Orange crop, Orange (Malta) muriate of potash 180 g per tree should be applied uniformly by leaving about 3 feet distance around the grown-up tree. The applied fertilizer should be thoroughly mixed in the soil.

   Prune all canker-affected branches and leaves in acid lime and burn them. Spray copper oxychloride 180 g with streptomycin 6 g in 60-liter water to check citrus canker in acid lime. Repeat the spray after 30 days interval.

    Control of citrus psylla and leaf miner by spraying quinalphos 12.5 ml or imidacloprid 5 ml or dimethoate 15 ml in 10 liters of water. Apply the second spray after 15 days interval, if required.

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