Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 5

Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 5
Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 5


 Orange (Malta) fruit crop Guidelines for Ambia bahar 5


May  month Orange (Malta)


    Orange (Malta) For controlling citrus mealybugs the basin around the tree trunk should be earned up. Wrap sticky band by smearing with mobile oil around the tree trunk and destruction of ant’s nests should be do. Spraying of chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 2ml/liters of water or dichlorvos @ 2.5 ml/ liter of water should be done on the tree leaves and trunk.

     To control snails on citrus use metaldehyde pellets. Alternatively take straw of paddy or wheat, jaggery or sugarcane molasses, yeast and methonomy1 or Thinomethazim. In order to prepare poison bait to dissolve 2kg jaggery, 25 yeast in 10 liters water.

Now add wheat or paddy husk and mix well and keep for fermentation for 10 to 12 hrs. Thereafter add 100 g methomyl or 50g thiomethazim and spread it at the base of the citrus tree trunk in the evening throughout the entire orchard. The citrus snail will be attracted and will die after feeding on such poison bait.

     Irrigation should be continued to maintain the fruit set of Ambia bahar. The frequency of the irrigation should be maintained at 4-5 days intervals during the high (summer) temperature regime which is likely to touch 470C in this month.

If possible drip irrigation method should be followed for efficient utilization of water. Besides, black polythene sheets of 100-micron thickness or any organic mulch (grass/straw) should be spread around the tree trunk to reduce water evaporation.

     Give water stress to trees for preparing them for the Mrig Bahar in June.

    In case a new orchard of citrus is to be established then dig the pits of size (75cm x 75cm x 75cm) at 6 x 6 meter spacing for Nagpur Santra (Nagpur mandarin), Mosambi (Sweet orange), and acid lime and the pits should be kept exposed to solar rays.

     Apply Bordeaux paste on the tree trunk up to a height of 60 cm by paintbrush. For the preparation of Bordeaux, paste dissolves 1 kg copper sulfate in 5 liters of water in a plastic bucket and 1 kg slaked lime in 5 liters of water in a separate bucket and leaves it overnight.

The next day mixes them together in another bucket to make a paste. Apply the paste on the tree trunk within 12 hours after mixing.

    If citrus trees are showing oozing symptoms of gum then scrap the area with a sharp knife and apply mefenoxam MZ-68 or fetal Al paste on it.

    Spraying and drenching with mefenoxam MZ-68 @ 2.5 gm or Fosetyl A1, 2.5 gm in one-liter water on the tree for controlling Phytophthora.

    To check fruit drop in citrus crop spray the solution containing 1.5 gm 2, 4-D or gibberellic acid (GA), 100 g carbendazim 50 WP, and 1 kg urea (1%) in 100 liters of water. Repeat the spray after 15 days if the fruit drop continues.

     The menace of bark eating caterpillar can be checked this month by removing the wooden frass and inject 5-10 ml of dichlorvos prepared by mixing 3-4 ml of DDVP 76 EC in one liter of water with the help of a disposable syringe and close the larval tunnel with a ball of cotton wool to cover the hole.

     In Nagpur mandarin and the sweet orange one-year-old tree should be given 20 liters of water /day/ tree, the 5-year-old tree need 110 liters/day/tree, 8 years tree require 200 liters/day/ tree and 10 years and above tree require 250 liters water/day/ tree.

    In acid lime (lemon) one year tree should be given 11 liters water/tree/day, 5 years tree need 42 liters/day/tree, 8 years tree requires 73 liters/tree/ day while 10 years and above tree need 108 liters water per day per tree.

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