red banana: Wonderful benefits of red bananas 2021


How to eat a red banana: Wonderful benefits of red bananas

red banana: Wonderful benefits of red bananas 2021
red banana

Are red bananas rare?

Ripe red bananas do not grow in the U.S., with many imported from producers in East Africa, Asia, South America, and the United Arab Emirates. ... Although they're rare, red bananas possess different nutritional values than yellow bananas when it comes to vitamin C and potassium.

]red banana: Wonderful benefits of red bananas 2021  


Bananas happen to be one of the most consumed fruits in the world. It is an extremely healthy fruit containing 11 minerals, 6 vitamins, lots of fiber, and good carbohydrates which is why it gives you instant energy that lasts for a longer time. Most people are only familiar with the traditional yellow banana and very few know about the red banana.

The Dacca banana or the red banana is less popular and tastes sweeter than the regular banana. Some people say that it tastes like a combination of the regular banana and the sweetness of raspberry. It makes a good addition to your diet because of its numerous health benefits.

There are about 14 to 15 varieties of bananas around their globe, but the yellow one is the most common type of banana consumed. The red banana has a sweet berry-like flavor, is high in potassium, and is alkaline in nature. Since it is red in color, it has a high content of anthocyanin which acts as an antioxidant. It is also high in fiber and vitamin C. Even though the basic constitutes of all varieties of bananas are the same, the red bananas are high in all the vitamins and minerals and are a portion of great antioxidant-rich food.

“They are very good for diabetics and they contain a lot of fiber. They release sugar slowly and helps to keep your energy levels up." Apart from being rich in potassium, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, the red banana also contains B6 vitamins and vitamin D and can help with the metabolism of red blood cells and proteins. Here are few benefits of red bananas you may have not known. Red banana contains a lot of fiber which.

One whole red banana contains only 90 to 100 calories and good carbohydrates that help in preventing binge eating and curbs cravings. This can help in supporting your weight loss goals.

It’s no secret that potassium helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. It also helps in retaining calcium in your body which is good for the growth of bones and keeps them stronger.

Magnesium and potassium are known to help with the withdrawal of nicotine. They help to deal with the urge to smoke. They provide energy and a sense of fulfillment that helps you tackle psychological problems.

The fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which improve the quality of blood and your hemoglobin count. The red banana not only energizes you but also boosts your immunity. Red bananas contain Vitamin B-6 which helps in the breakdown of proteins and the formation of red blood cells.

A lot of people use red bananas as a hair mask too. You can mash the banana with coconut, sesame, or almond oil to moisturize your hair and to relieve problems like dandruff, hair fall, and dry hair. Add few teaspoons of lemon to the mask and apply it all over your hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash off for bouncy and shiny hair.

Try this new and healthy variety of bananas and derive all its wonderful benefits. They are mostly grown and found in the Southern part of our country.


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