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Full Forms List
Some example of education related full forms:
Abbreviations are most commonly used in the field of education to denote the name of the degree and the institute where the education is given. Some examples include

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
BCA – Bachelor of Computer Applications
MD – Doctor of Medicine
ITI – Industrial Training Institute
IIT – Indian Institute Of Technology
NIT – National Institute of Technology.
Benefits Of Educational Full Forms
Many of the institute’s names and degrees are acronymized. Students who wish to take the degree must know the full form.


An agriculture information library for the farmer to get all-important agriculture information related to crops, agriculture cycle, agriculture field preparation, water management, agriculture diseases management, and agriculture proactive actions.

in this section, we are providing general knowledge about agriculture with daily updates like name, and other agriculture-related updates.

General Agriculture

Agriculture Agronomy

Kharif Crops

Rabi Crops

Zaid Crops


Agriculture Entomology

Plant Pathology

Agriculture Economics

Agriculture Fruit Science

Full Forms List

education related full forms

There are Many Important Topics And Categories Included In this new project.

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